Crypto Critic Elizabeth Warren Running For President

One reality of the world is that not everyone will agree with your opinion. Over time, we have seen that entrepreneurs and politicians of all kinds have offered their perspective on cryptocurrencies, some of them more positive than others. In addition, there are other individuals that have slammed cryptocurrency publicly, even before understanding it.

One politician that has been particularly critical of cryptocurrency is Elizabeth Warren, a United States senator from Massachusetts. However, it is important to note that Warren has much more of a higher profile than many other politicians. She has now officially announced that she will be running for President of the United States in 2020.

About Warren

The fact that Elizabeth Warren has criticized cryptocurrency shouldn’t be too surprising, as she has been a critic of the financial sector in general. Specifically, she has gone out of her way to criticize big banks and unregulated capitalism, and it could be argued that the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency is one of the reasons that Warren isn’t interested in the space. She has described cryptocurrency as “easy to steal” earlier this year.

Warren is one of the most prominent Democrats in the country, so the announcement did not come as a complete surprise to those who follow politics. She has also been a vocal opponent of Trump, as well, previously calling him a “racist bully” and “wannabe tyrant”. Warren is also well-known for proposing the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2007, one of her most famous achievements.

About The Announcement


Warren officially announced an exploratory committee for a 2020 presidential bid, and she has proclaimed that she will “return Washington back to the people”. A video explaining the announcement was e-mailed to her supporters, where she stated that the government “had become a tool for the wealthy and well-connected”.

She not only promoted economic fairness, but racial equality, which is a far cry from Donald Trump, who many believe has normalized white supremacists and caused more racial tension in the United States since assuming office. However, it should be noted that many believe that her chances to actually become president are slim, with some suggesting that it could be the “end of her”.

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