Huobi Group, the parent company of one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, Huobi Pro, have divulged more details on two of their upcoming service offerings – Huobi OTC and Huobi Quant Trading – on Monday afternoon; both of which are tailored toward experienced market traders.

Huobi OTC

According to Monday’s press release, Huobi OTC – the “over-the-counter” service used predominately for those wanting to trade a sizeable amount of cryptocurrency – is set to “start beta testing in the UK in Q3 2018.”

Huobi OTC helps protect all parties from adverse price volatility in the market-at-large.”

Distinguishing their “user-friendly OTC platform” from other major players in the space, the announcement suggested, was the fact that Huobi OTC will “have a 0% commission free, [meaning that] it is completely free for transactions.”

Huobi Quant Trading

Joining in on what the giant crypto company believes is “gaining in popularity,” Huobi will soon take to fully launching their Huobi Quant Trading offering.

The Huobi API system allows investors to participate in three main quant areas: arbitrage, market making, and trend prediction.”

As to why more and more crypto traders are finding cryptocurrency quant trading to be of significant value, Huobi Group explained that “by using quantitative analysis (based on mathematical computations), trading opportunities are found which, due to their complexity, require execution by an automated system.”

Another clear benefit of quant trading, the world-leading virtual asset financial services group went on to state, “is that emotion is removed from the trading process.”

Huobi’s Monday announcement preceded the final instalment of the crypto exchange’s European Quant Trade Summit, which is to be held in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

Notably, from 15:35 to 16:00, Huobi Quant Trading will be introduced by presenter Gray Meng (Senior Operation Director, Huobi). A discussion panel on quant trading is then scheduled for a 16:15–17:00 timeslot.

Huobi OTC also appears set to enjoy some publicity from tomorrow’s Amsterdam summit, with Erica Jiang (Global Operation Manager, Huobi OTC) scheduled to deliver a presentation from 17:15 to 17:30 that is dedicated to the zero commission Huobi OTC service.

Huobi Token (HT) is currently up 6.1 percent over the past 24 hours, according to CoinCheckup. Along with the native token (i.e., Binance Coin (BNB)) of rival crypto exchange Binance, HT has been one of the market’s best performing cryptocurrencies in recent months.

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