Refereum – the first blockchain-based referral marketplace built to help game developers and publishers compensate gamers and influencers for engagement – has announced on Wednesday that BRAVO Pay is among the first wave of crypto firms rolling out their Growth Engine solution.

As can be seen on their website, the US-based BRAVO Pay – a disruptive micropayments solution that allows for instant, secure and anonymous mobile payments worldwide – already has the Refereum-powered Growth Engine widget up and running.

Here, the prospect of earning BRAVO’s native, ERC20-compliant crypto token – BRAVO token (BVO) – acts as an incentive for community members to promote the blockchain-based fintech startup.

For example, 100 points are ‘earned’ for joining the Telegram channel of BRAVO. Similarly, for those who follow their Twitter account, they will be rewarded with 50 points.

As one accumulates points, they advance to a higher tier. In roughly one month’s time when the rewards period concludes, a total of 3 million BVO tokens will be proportionately distributed to these reward point earners. Of note, the BVO token generation event (TGE) contains certain restrictions, such as that it is not open to residents of the United States.

For us at BRAVO, building a community of loyal supporters has been instrumental in our lean approach to go to market. What started with 25 users by invitation in our test market in Arizona is now a national movement of goodwill, empowerment and privacy inpayments.” – Marina Luna (CEO & Co-Founder, BRAVO Pay)

By deploying Refereum’s widget on their respective websites, crypto startups like BRAVO Pay are rewarding their most active community members and thereby promoting the development of a loyal following. For more details on Refereum’s Growth Engine product, check out their explanatory blog post from early in June.

Accompanying BRAVO Pay in what is the first wave of clients to implement the innovative Refereum Growth Engine are decentralized anti-fraud project Coral Protocol (REEF), and XAYA (CHI) – a gaming platform built using blockchain technology.