Crypto Gambling Just Keeps Getting Better with These New Features

Online Casino Gambling

Online gambling has experienced an evolutionary change since the introduction of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which have helped to overhaul the industry and bring its market value up to $60 billion. Players have found new online crypto casinos to be more transparent, trustworthy and profitable due to the natural way in which this innovative technology compliments gambling.

Now, more advanced features are popping up that promise to give even the most seasoned of players something exciting to look forward to. Below we investigate five emerging trends that will take online gambling into 2020:

More things to bet on

Until now, most online gambling platforms have featured only the most common casino games, like poker, blackjack and roulette. More recently, a broad range of varied Bitcoin slots have become increasingly popular, and now a whole world of gambling options are opening up. Everything from horse racing, eSports, politics, crypto dice gambling games and pretty much anything you can think of can be bet on somewhere with cryptocurrency.

Faster and cheaper transactions

New blockchain technologies and networks are being developed every day, with many shaping up to challenge the status quo. Until this year, Ethereum was widely believed to be the dApp gambling network of choice, but its use has since been dwarfed by gambling apps built on EOS and Tron.

These networks offer higher transaction rates, which equates to a faster and cheaper experience for players. What will be the next big blockchain network to change the face of online gambling?

More cryptocurrency options

While Bitcoin remains the king of cryptos in the investment world, players are increasingly beginning to realise that many other coins are better suited to online gambling. Be it for their stable nature (Tether), their privacy (Monero), or simply personal preference, more and more online casinos are adding a wider variety of currency choices to meet demand.

A wider variety of games

Seasoned players who have grown bored of the standard casino games now have more options than ever to keep them interested. Online casinos are continuously coming up with new and innovative games to bet on, optimizing the versatility of blockchain to deliver games like Mint Dice’s Plinko Game.

Augmented virtual reality is another game-changing technology that, when combined with blockchain, can deliver a fully-fledged 3D casino experience directly into your living room.

Gambling insurance

As the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors become more widely recognized and regulated, online casinos are now able to offer gambling insurance. This is an important feature for high-stakes gamblers who may need a safety net in case a big bet goes south. When looking for an online crypto casino, it can’t hurt to investigate what insurance options they have on offer.

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