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Crypto Project WAX Releases WAX Explorer, Beta WAX Blockchain; “Major Partnerships” to Come

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The team behind the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) – the first decentralized marketplace for trading video game virtual items – have today published an extensive update with their community. In doing so, they announced the following two major milestone releases: the beta WAX Blockchain and the WAX Explorer.

Now live, WAX revealed that the beta version of its blockchain is currently “processing tens of millions of transactions and around 7,200 blocks per hour on average without any major problems.”

Over the past seven-day period, this translates to the processing of over 22 million transactions. The majority of these are attributable to VGO Skins, the first project to use both the alpha and beta WAX Blockchain for all trading. The details of any of these transactions are viewable on the newly released WAX Explorer, which is currently in its MVP phase.

Monday’s announcement delves much deeper into critical decisions that were made by the WAX team in recent months re its blockchain development, particularly as it relates to tracking the (at-times prickly) progress of the EOS blockchain network; a significant influence on the architectural design of WAX’s very own low-latency blockchain.

Additionally, WAX’s communiqué highlighted “several major products launching on the beta WAX Blockchain in the near future,” and also hinted at some “exciting major partnerships and integrations [the team has] to announce” in the near future.

Malcolm Merry on Metrics

WAX’s strategic advisor and former president, Malcolm CasSelle, appeared impressed with the team’s progress, comparing the activity on the beta version of the WAX Blockchain to that of the entire EOS network in the following tweet:

Communicating with Community

For those wanting to hear more about the state of WAX’s development, CEO William Quigley will be hosting a Telegram Q&A today at 12:30pm (PST).

Also, WAX team members will be attending this week’s World Crypto Con (Oct 30 – Nov 2) in Las Vegas, Nevada. WAX – one of the conference’s many sponsors – will be represented on-stage by Quigley, who will present to thousands of attendees.

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