A number of crypto projects have expressed a willingness to help Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao – the founding CEO of leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance – in his commendable endeavour to put together a charity that is wholly transparent.

Having conceived of the idea more than four years ago in a concept paper titled 100% transparent charity, made possible by bitcoins., the Binance leader took to Twitter yesterday to invite forward any crypto projects that felt as though their know-how could help, at least partly, actualize his long-held vision.

Demonstrating one of social media’s greatest use cases, the crypto community rallied in little time and provided various suggestions to Zhao. Eventually, three of the industry’s well-known crypto projects put forward their case. What follows is evidence of each project’s interaction with CZ’s tweet, along with a brief summary describing their respective projects.

Request Network (REQ)

The Ethereum-based Request Network was one of the projects to heed the Binance CEO’s call. As seen below, the team – which has built a network allowing anyone to request payment from another entity – proposed two of its own solutions they believe can satisfy the needs of Binance, which recently unveiled a charity arm named Blockchain Charity Fund (BCF).

Horizon State (HST)

Another to extend their services and intellectual property to the Binance leader was Oren Alazraki (Co-Founder & CEO, Horizon State). As previously covered by CryptoCoinSpy, the unique blockchain-based startup specializes in matters relating to efficient vote-casting and decision-making processes. CZ was interested enough to acknowledge Alazraki’s approach, replying that he would “be sure to check it (Horizon State) out.”


The call for help from CZ caught the attention of yet another of the crypto ecosystem’s leaders, Dean van Dugteren (Founder & CEO, nOS). For those unaware, nOS is a virtual operating system powered by the NEO Smart Economy.

Of note, the nOS leader did not explicitly state that his team would be open to helping advance Zhao’s vision. Nonetheless, the fact that van Dugteren opted to retweet the Binance CEO as part of his own invitation to nOS developers to build a 100% transparent charity platform suggests that Zhao would be notified – should such a nOS dApp ever be developed, of course.