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Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Pro Commits 10,000 HT to EOS Promo

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Huobi Pro, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has launched a promotional event relating to the EOS (EOS) cryptocurrency and their native Huobi Token (HT); a fellow top-hundred cryptocurrency (by market cap).

Per their Wednesday announcement, the Singapore-headquartered Huobi Pro shared that from 12:00, May 30 to 18:00, May 31 (GMT+8), customers who deposit EOS into their accounts will be entitled to “share the airdrop pool of 10,000 Huobi Tokens (HT).”

The amount of HT that each Huobi Pro EOS depositor will receive is proportional to the EOS net deposit,” that is, the amount of EOS deposited into Huobi Pro, minus any EOS that is withdrawn within the above time period.

Huobi Pro added that for those who are entitled to the EOS airdrop, they will receive their proportion “within 5 working days after the event.”

Regarding the imminent EOS ERC-20 chain-swap to the EOS mainnet token, Huobi Pro reminded its readers that as they will be facilitating this automatically, “there is no need” for their customers to perform any further action.

During this transitionary period, Huobi Pro will not be restricting the ability to trade EOS. They do note, however, that during this time, EOS transactions will be disabled. So, should customers want to trade during such a period, Huobi Pro advised that they deposit some EOS in advance.

Earlier in the year, Huobi launched Huobi Token (HT) with a hard-capped total supply of 500 million HTs. Of these HTs, 20 percent (or 100 million) were reserved for “user rewards and platform operation;” the location from which Wednesday’s announced airdrop pool of 10,000 HTs would’ve originated from.

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