DeepBrain Chain Receives Strategic Investments

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During the cryptocurrency bull run last year, many cryptocurrency investors were so satisfied with their profits that they were eager to trade other projects that might have potential for tremendous growth. There were many times where prices would inflate on certain news of a certain exchange listing, or new project development.

One of these projects was DeepBrain Chain (DBC). It certainly is not a “popular” altcoin these days – but it did reach a market capitalization of over $100 million earlier this year.

In fact, DBC’s price managed to more than quadruple from January 2 to January 6 – where it achieved its all-time high: over 66 cents. However, 2018 has been bearish for the cryptocurrency markets in general, and DBC currently sits under 1 cent, with a market capitalization just over $10 million.

However, things might be turning around for the project. DeepBrainChain has announced that it has received two strategic investments going forward that will help to execute its vision of a decentralized marketplace.

There is little doubt that every cryptocurrency investor knows about the potential of blockchain technology – how it already is transforming the world, and will continue to. DeepbrainChain is one of the most well-known AI blockchain projects, that seeks to stay ahead of the curve, as AI will (according to many) power much of the infrastructure of the future.

The project aims to be a low-cost solution for companies to utilize in order to optimize their processes. The DeepBrain Chain team is based in Shanghai, and includes some of the most accomplished experts in both the AI and technology fields. The project was created in 2017, and there is already a massive demand for its miners.

Gobi Venture Capital is one of the firms invested. Gobi Venture Capital is a global venture firm that focuses on IT and digital media investments. The other investment was made by an undisclosed “European-American giant”.

The investments will be used to help develop DeepBrain Chain’s AI app, entitled “VisionX”.

No other details were released, although DeepBrain Chain promises “Expect further details soon.”

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