Two of the most hotly anticipated blockchain projects of 2018 – Celer Network (CELR) and DFINITY (DFN) – have announced a strategic partnership on Tuesday, as both continue working toward their shared aim of bolstering the scalability of public, permissionless blockchain networks.

The team at Celer Network, in specifying the details surrounding their new partnership with DFINITY, stated in their announcement that “both teams will work closely on developing and integrating Celer Network’s off-chain scaling solutions in DFINITY.”

For Celer Network, the partnership agreement sees them gain early access to DFINITY’s software development kit (SDK) – a resource created exclusively for developers wishing to build atop the intelligent decentralized cloud that is DFINITY.

Per Tuesday’s blog post, Celer Network notified their community that they had already enjoyed success with DFINITY’s SDK, having managed to implement “the first version cChannel” on their new partner’s blockchain network. This, Celer Network continued, marked “the first project to incorporate [an] off-chain scalability solution to DFINITY.”

Explaining why partnering with the off-chain, scalability-focused Celer Network was in DFINITY’s best interest was Timo Hanke (Head of Engineering, DFINITY), who was quoted in Tuesday’s announcement as stating:

Celer Network provides an impressive layer-2 scaling solution. Its flexible generalized state channels and high-performance state routing can bring in another layer of scalability on top of DFINITY. We believe Celer Network and DFINITY together can enable easy-to-develop and easy-to-use decentralized applications that hit mass adoption.”

Both Celer Network and DFINITY exist as two of the crypto space’s most exciting up-and-coming projects. For investors looking to purchase CELR, the native token of Celer Network, or DFINITY’s DFN cryptographic token, there exists no way to immediately do so.

Indeed, Celer Network has opted to bypass the commonly selected path of minting an ERC20-compliant ‘placeholder’ token; focussing instead on developing their quadruple layered architecture – dubbed ‘cStack’ – so far this year.

DFINITY, on the other hand, has already administered a token distribution event. Although, instead of running an initial coin offering (ICO), the DFINITY Foundation administered a DFN airdrop worth approximately 35 million Swiss francs (CHF).

In doing so, early DFINITY community members were aptly rewarded for their loyalty. These DFN tokens will be claimable upon the launch of the DFINITY network in the coming months.

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