One cryptocurrency that has seen an astoundingly strong level of support from altcoin investors over the weekend is (GTC). Indeed, at the time of writing, $GTC has soared some 211 percent over the past 24 hours; enough to see the seven-day return total out at ~777 percent.

What is (GTC)?

Per their official website, the team behind is aiming to make GTC – otherwise known as ‘G Coins’ – the standard virtual currency for the global games industry.

The ambitious project is aiming to resolve a longstanding issue that the gaming community ran into with respect to liquidating in-game rewards/equipment/skins.

Over 700% Weekly Rise for GTC? How?

The weekend’s $GTC rises have actually come on the back of multiple price-sensitive announcements by which evidently has resulted in some serious buying demand for G Coins. 

April 14 marked the first significant recent news that related to, this was when TRON (TRX) announced that the Hong-Kong based crypto startup – which also happens to be a strategic partner of TRON – was set to participate in the Tron Foundation’s inaugural Super Representative Elections (held on June 26 through June 30).

Then, on April 17, Happy Xu (CEO, tweeted that Love Pet (a GTC-compatible application) was set to support a wider range of cryptocurrencies; increasing its potential user base (and hence, demand for G Coins).

Adding to an already busy week, on Thursday evening (PDT) tweeted that the team will airdrop half of their total GTC supply to all GTC holders (1:1 basis) on August 8.

Finally, the same official Twitter account shared on Saturday night that as part of Xu’s “philanthropy work,” the burgeoning altcoin project will be “sharing 50% of [their] 2018 profits with [their] loyal community, as a part of a Candy airdrop next year to $GTC holders.” 

The crypto market is clearly impressed with the progress being made by, for $GTC continues to soar (up ~211 percent in last 24 hours) despite already having multiplied in value some 5x for the week prior to the weekend. Incredibly, it is now situated in the top 70 cryptocurrencies (by market cap).

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