Casino software developers invest a lot of time and money researching market demand to come up with new slot titles. Slot lovers are a very diverse demographic as seen from the many different themes of online slot titles.

Realistic Games came up with Double Bubble to cater to a niche that loves aquatic life. From the title alone, a player can surmise that this is not a serious slot game but one that involves adventure and imagination. There are a number of double bubble slot sites out there, which is proof of the popularity of this slot title. If you like swimming with sharks or deep sea fishing, you should give this game a try.

In terms of downsides, the graphics look like they belong in the 8-bit era as well due to their almost unacceptable simplicity. It is nothing to write home about and some of the color combination choices are downright strange. Current graphical standards of the slot titles released today leave this slot game way behind. This is arguably the biggest drawback of the game as even if you consider the fact that this game was released a long time ago, it still looks like it belongs in the Macromedia Flash era of browser gaming. Several parts of it look like it was made on Microsoft Paint, particularly the corals on the side of the interface.

How to Play

Most online casino Double Bubble sites allow players to access the game via their desktop or via a mobile app. Whether you play via your desktop or mobile, you will have a similar experience while playing this 5-reel, 20-payline game. The game is pretty easy to figure out as it operates just like most online slots available in the market.double bubble slot logo

You will first need to create an account at the online casino that carries this game, make sure you top up your account and then get ready to place a wager on the game. Once done, you can tap the “Spin” button on the interface. The reels will then spin and by virtue of the Random Number Generator (RNG), the symbols will fall in place and any winning combination of symbols should net you some sort of win that allows you to keep on playing until you make a nice sum of money or decide it is time to take your bankroll and call it a day. 

The game is supposed to replicate the physical slot machine you see inside the casino, except this time you tap onto something to make bets instead of putting in coins and pulling a lever. The backdrop of the wheels is filled with corals but the symbols involved include card suits (10, J, Q, K, and A) instead of fishy or aquatic symbols. With that said, there are only three main symbols for you to look out for: The red pufferfish, the blue seahorse, and the tropical chap that is colored yellow and purple, like the interface of the game itself.

Special Features

The Scatter of the game is a wonky gold coin. The Wild of the game is the shark that substitutes or “eats” all of the other symbols save for the coin. This carnivorous fish is also the most valuable symbol of this game that you can avail of in many casino sites with double bubble. The Wild shark is specifically worth a multiplier of 10,000x your stake when you get five of the icons on any given active payline. Meanwhile, landing 3 to 5 of the Scatter anywhere on the board or reels will reward you with 10 bonus spins every time.

As for the Double Bubble symbol, when it appears on the center reel, the total win of your total win box will be doubled. As you can see, even with the lackluster graphics, it still remains a popular slot because of its wealth of bonuses. This doubling-up possibility is where the game gets its name, such that your total win can easily be doubled or even get increased all the way to 500x when push comes to shove. Just remember that landing more coins during the bonus spin segment will not earn you more spins even though you will still get the appropriate Scatter payout.


The simple design of the game can probably be explained by the fact that the developer wanted to bring something simple and easy to play in the market. The simple designs and limited color palette make perfect sense as the slot title delivers in this regard. Most gaming websites tend to offer this slot game via their mobile app, which allows players to have fun while on the go.

If you want to be picky, then you can find a negative to every positive that this slot brings to the table. It has a cartoony theme that is popular in the world of slots but is executed in a mediocre fashion. It has a number of exciting bonus rounds and features but is mostly available as a mobile game. It has free spins included but the free spins are not cumulative and you will not get extra free spins during the free spin rounds. However, hardcore slot enthusiasts will continue to play this game as it brings simplicity and fun which many of the modern slot titles currently lack. To summarize, Double Bubble is a mixed bag of a game, but a worthwhile bag nonetheless.