Duo for Komodo (KMD); Populous (PPT), ValueNet Capital Partner With Atomic Swap Pioneer

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The atomic swap pioneer of the cryptocurrency space, Komodo Platform (KMD), has started the week in a flurry, announcing separate partnerships with fellow blockchain startup, Populous (PPT), as well as ValueNet Capital, a Beijing-based venture capital fund that invests exclusively in cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives.

Starting with Populous, which is responsible for the top-30 cryptocurrency (by market cap) known as PPT (i.e., the acronym of ‘Populous Platform Token’), Tuesday saw both they and Komodo reveal a strategic partnership which gave the invoice discounting platform exclusivity to Komodo’s project in their particular niche; meaning that “no other invoice factoring, discounting and financing related platforms or companies will enter into a partnership or agreement with Komodo.”

How will this benefit the decentralized platform that is Komodo? They will be able “to integrate atomic swaps between tokens and other cryptocurrencies on Populous’ Beta live platform.” This platform, which will run on the Ethereum network, is set to drop on May 1st, and will facilitate the very first invoice trade between what the Populous team refer to as an ‘invoice buyer’ and ‘invoice seller’.

Adding to Tuesday’s news for Komodo Platform, the pioneering project striving to connect the entire blockchain industry with its atomic swap technology announced another strategic partnership, this time with a specialist cryptocurrency venture capital fund.

Indeed, the deal with Beijing-headquartered ValueNet Capital centered around the notion of decentralized initial coin offerings (dICOs). Such a concept was introduced by Komodo Platform last year, touted as a solution to an ICO market which they believe (per their whitepaper) to be “plagued with limitations that inhibit freedom, security, entrepreneurship, and even human growth.”

The agreement, announced Tuesday but effective as of March 23, stipulated that “ValueNet will provide risk assessment and strategic consulting, [and] Komodo Platform will apply its technical expertise to ensure all dICOs are launched securely and successfully.”

This partnership comes just in time for the April 17 launch of the inaugural dICO, BlocNATION (BLOC), which is set to operate on its own decentralized blockchain (powered by Komodo), in addition to being integrated into Komodo’s atomic swap-powered BarterDEX.

Landing this ValueNet partnership – effective until both parties consent to its termination – appears quite the boon for Komodo, judging by the names that occupy the venture capital firm’s investment portfolio, such as OmiseGo (OMG), Ripple (XRP), Binance (BNB), PowerLedger (POWR), and many other blockchain startups.

$KMD is currently down 15 percent over the past 24 hours; par of the course for most cryptocurrencies as the collective dipped below a market cap of $300 billion on Tuesday.

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