With growing global interest in academia, further learning and profitable educational revenue models, the educational sector seems ripe for technological and blockchain disruption. The Open Source University and EDU token are looking to do just that, creating a unique marketplace and mode of exchange between students, academics and businesses.

By providing a means of tokenising and facilitating the market between these three groups, OS University is creating the opportunity for each party to take advantage of their advanced, tailored matching algorithms, immutable record keeping, innovative learning models, cost-effective credential confirmation and instant access to an accurate global pool of talent.


What is EDU token?

The EDU token is like a coloured Bitcoin, but for education, and utilises the Ethereum network. EDU tokens will be used to facilitate payments and transactions on the network, such as scholarship payouts and educational donations. It will also replace digital and printed versions of coupons/vouchers which will be used for learning on the network.

EDU will fuel the Open Source University platform, enabling a distributed academic and global marketplace for students, businesses and academics alike. By tokenizing the market between these three types of platform user, Open Source University and EDU tokens provide a distributed educational platform to interact, transact and exchange ideas (see this one page whitepaper for more details)

An example of an application and advantage of this distributed academic framework is the Global Competence Passport, which combines the validation of the Learner’s and Academia’s private keys, creating an immutable ‘passport’ or wallet for credentials. This contains both the accomplishments and achievements of the student. It is borderless and indisputable.

Fees on the platform between the platform parties make up 5% of the volume of each transaction, and will be allocated to the Open Source Universities reserve fund. EDU tokens attract a 0% transaction commission rate.


EDU Token Details

Ticker (Token Type): EDU (ERC-20)

ICO Price: 1 EDU = $0.54 (Min. investment = 0.5ETH)

Public ICO Dates: 4th June – 1st July

Accepting: ETH, BTC and Fiat

Hardcap: 44,000 ETH

Total Tokens (Available for Token Sale%): 48,000,000 (72.5%)

Whitelist: KYC

Restricted: United States



The team at EDU embarked on their roadmap in 2015, and have consistently hit targets. Below is a snapshot of previous, current and future milestones.

H1 2015

OSUni proof-of-concept phase alongside Bulgarian partners from industry and software development sectors. Early version of system’s architecture and design.

H2 2015

Research project initiated at the Faculty of Management within Technical University of Sofia. Scientific publications on subject – published in Bulgaria, Latvia and Czech Republic.

H1 2016

Named among top 10 social innovations globally, in competition with 400 technology concepts and project proposals as part of Living Progress Challenge of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

H2 2016

Expands partnership network under programs for support of young entrepreneurs – led by Ministry of Economy and Open Society Institute.

H1 2017

Named “YouthSpeak” forum winner in Latvia based on a scaled prototype version. Resulted in a 2-month distributed learning program implementation project at a community centre in Sa Paulo, Brazil.

H2 2017

Reached important development phase milestone, with expansion of team from leading software consultancy and experts, specialising in blockchain applications.

H1 2018

Development of Open Source University platform, alpha version release. 30M EDU tokens to be sold in main token sale, with listings on exchanges immediately after crowdfunding is completed.

H2 2018 (future)

Beta version platform and additional functionality deployment, to increase maximum customer experience. Drive to make OSUni solution standard.

H1 2019 (future)

The global Education 4.0 marketplace will function on top of the distributed database (Ethereum). Academics, students and businesses will be able to utilise all functionality and credential applications.

H2 2019 (future)

Drive to grow interaction and intensity between students, academia and business.



The team responsible for the development of the EDU token and OS University marketplace are extremely professional and experienced. Lead members include Hristian Daskalov (Project Lead) – an award-winning researcher and author, Jordan Jambazov (Technology Lead) – a senior and accomplished software developer with over 10 years of experience, co-founding software consulting company IO Era.

Key advisors include Gordon Kerr (Senior Investment Advisor) – founder and CEO of Cobden Partners, a London based investment consultancy, Aly Madhavji (Senior Strategy Advisor) – founder and former CEO of Global DCX, a global secure digital currency exchange, and Deletina Smilkova (Senior Academia Advisor) – Vice President of the University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship (VUZF) of Bulgaria. 

Notable academics are Professor Kevin Dowd (Token Economics Visionary) – A Senior Fellow at the Cobden Centre and Professor of Finance and Economics and Durham University Business School, UK, and Professor Ognyan Andreev (Academia Ambassador) – head of the Department of Economics, Industrial Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Sofia, and co-author of over 80 scientific papers and reports.

The entire team is public and searchable on their website, and on LinkedIn.


Company Structure

The Open Source University foundation headquarters falls under the jurisdiction of Sofia, Bulgaria. Primary operations and development therefore take place in Sofia. However due to the company’s expansion and success, the list of international ambassador contacts grows almost daily. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, you can apply directly to the team.



Utilising blockchain technology to validate academic credentials and create a marketplace of value between different institutions is both innovative and forward-thinking. The project has gained significant attention and attraction in a relatively short space of time.

With the growing number of industry-leading ambassadors and advisors, it certainly seems that the Open Source University Platform and EDU token will continue going from strength to strength. Academic intellectual property will continue to be an increasingly valuable commodity, as will the desire of global citizens to access education.

The team are open and transparent with their goals and aspirations, demonstrating a high-level of trustworthiness.

If you wish to find out more about the project, head to the Open Source University Platform where you will see information about their EDU token sale.

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