With a predictably tense three-week period having now come and gone, Elastos (ELA) has resurfaced with style. Ostensibly eager to begin a new chapter in its journey, the project – which is building out the first completely safe and decentralized infrastructure for the internet – has unveiled a sleek, revamped website in recent days, as well as a professionally created marketing video.

In a symbolic touch, both these releases came out on November 20th. Indeed, this date marked the second of two that were selected by the Singapore-registered Elastos Foundation vis-à-vis the returning of ELA coins – the cryptocurrency native to the Elastos blockchain ecosystem – so as to prematurely unwind its lock-up program.

Unsurprisingly, the shock announcement saw a wave of dread permeate the Elastos investor community. This saw the market value of ELA slump soon thereafter, as ELA investors scrambled for the ‘sell’ button out of fear that they themselves would lose out after a sizeable portion of opt-in ELA lock-up participants (November 5th) and angel investors (November 20th) presumably sell their returned ELA coins.

With the lock-up program now officially unwound, the Elastos Foundation, along with the recently launched community-led Cyber Republic entity – who now temporarily hold an additional ~16,000,000 ELA as part of the program’s ending – appear keen to get on with steering and overseeing the development of the Elastos project.

The redesigned website and three-minute-long promotional video (shown below) form part of a broader push to revitalize the Elastos brand, as announced in late October. Indeed, the new-look website seen today is but the first of a two-part unveiling. According to one of the admins (i.e., u/kiranpachhai) of Elastos’ subreddit, the second phase “will contain pages like team pages and more.”

Expect to see Cyber Republic’s ‘CRcles’ – a new feature enabling Elastos community members to collaborate with one another on compensated tasks related to anything from media production to business development – play an increasingly significant role in driving forward the revitalized Elastos brand and message.