Electroneum (ETN) Mobile Miner App Aims To Take Crypto To The Masses

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Monday saw Electroneum (ETN), the first cryptocurrency designed around mobile ubiquity, announce the launch of their “long awaited” Mobile Miner app for Android smart phones, available on the Google Play Store.

Ever since Electroneum Ltd was established in July last year, the team behind the bold project, who’d already been working on it for roughly two years, had always planned to enable smartphone mining. Such a plan hadn’t yet been seen in a cryptocurrency mining sector dealing exclusively with specialist equipment; something the layperson cannot understand.

Highlighting the importance of the breakthrough, the team explained how “the mobile miner is completely revolutionary way to earn cryptocurrency by ‘mining’ on your phone.” Whilst the app isn’t actually mining coins through the smartphones per se, it is simulating a “mining experience”, which Electroneum hopes “introduces people to cryptocurrency…[by] allowing them to earn cryptocurrency” in a less intimidating manner than currently exists (i.e. via CPUs, GPUs, or cloud mining contracts).

Regarding an iOS equivalent, the Electroneum team said their “version [is] written and fully functional but it has not been approved by Apple yet.”

The inherent complexities of blockchain technology have been a troublesome sticking point with regards to cryptocurrency’s chances of mass adoption. A tried and tested method of accelerating user engagement is the concept of gamification, that is, the process of taking something, and applying typical elements of game playing to it, such as rules of play, point scoring, and competition with others. We see this all around us: loyalty programs, to-do lists, virtually any habit-forming strategy; the examples are near-endless.

For the sake of the entire cryptocurrency movement, hopefully Electroneum has success with their innovative, gamified creation, as doing so will undoubtedly help guide blockchain technology and cryptocurrency toward the mainstream.

Speaking of mainstream, on Monday Electroneum managed to land a detailed article on the website of one a leading online news media provider, Forbes. In a step-by-step manner, the article explained how to create an Electroneum Wallet, before going on to detail the process of mining ETN tokens on a Windows PC.

Additionally, the article (which has already attracted over 25,600 views) touched on today’s Mobile Miner launch, also highlighting the fact that it could serve as the “gateway to introducing potentially billions of people to not only Electroneum, but cryptocurrency in general.”

At the time of writing, ETN is up ~620 percent on its September ICO price of $0.01 (USD). Per CoinMarketCap, the token’s all-time high value of $0.229 occurred on January 6. By the corresponding date in February, Electroneum had slumped to $0.039; still marking its intra-year low.

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