Singaporean blockchain game development platform, Enjin (ENJ), has confirmed it will be presenting their innovative monetisation models and state-of-the-art game mechanics to Unity game developers at this weeks Unite Conference, hosted by Unity Technologies in Seoul, South Korea.

Pat Labine, Enjin Vice President of Engineering, and Roger Walco, a key facilitator of Enjin Enterprise Partnerships, are confirmed to speak at the annual conference with a presentation  entitled “Blockchain Gaming & True Item Ownership”.

Content expected to be covered includes the best practices to follow when utilizing ENJ-powered game design, which allows Unity developers to better understand how to incorporate the Enjin blockchain-based game development ecosystem.

They will show that the Enjin platform can be integral in solving difficult technical problems, increasing revenue through the monetization of video games powered by true ownership and creating inherent value of digital gaming assets. They will also relay how to build innovative game mechanics made possible by the advent of blockchain technology.

The appearance of Enjin at the conference is one of six scheduled Unity event appearances spread across 3 continents and 6 countries. Such massive outreach is a result of the partnership between the platform and Unity Technologies revealed last month. The deal will see millions of Unity developers worldwide be given the resources and tools to explore blockchain-based game development through the Enjin platform.

Unite Seoul 2018 is the largest game developer conference in South Korea and renowned game industry professionals from all over the globe will be in attendance. Enjin will be in truly massive company as they share the expo floor with Google, Microsoft, Sony, Intel and Nvidia, all showcasing their latest developments with industry experts and game developers.

Image From Shutterstock