The long-awaited launch of the EOS mainnet has been postponed for at least another 24 hours.

EOS had yesterday revealed that “BP [i.e. block producer] Teams will be running extensive tests for the next 4 hours” to determine if the chain is ready to launch. It appears that it was not ready.

In an announcement on Telegram EOS said that a vote on whether or not to launch at 13.00 UTC today was a “no go.” Security firms will now conduct a new audit to search for vulnerabilities. In 24 hours the block producers will meet again to decide if a launch is possible. If any issues are unresolved then the launch will be pushed back at least one more day.

According to a statement from the EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG), the team has been “working tirelessly toward a secure and seamless launch” with daily video conferences to “review strategic and tactical plans.

No unnecessary delays

GenerEOS, “a social enterprise block producing candidate”, said that though they “want to be as thorough as possible” they “do not want to delay the launch unnecessarily.” Bugs, vulnerabilities and other issues are put on a scale from P0 to P4. P0 issues mean “Do not do anything else, this is a blocker” while P1 indicates that the issue “must be fixed.” More minor concerns are allocated to the P2 – P4 categories. The EOS Mainnet will be launched in parallel to further tests as soon as there are no “immediate P0 or P1 issues.” Further testing will continue post-launch.

EOS tokens were frozen on 1st June in preparation for the mainnet launch and the EMLG reminded token holders “it is important that you do nothing during this period.

Last week news hit that Chinese security specialist Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd had identified “a series of epic vulnerabilities” in EOS.IO’s software, wiping $700 million from the EOS market cap. Prices fell from a recent high of $15.61 and are yet to recover, trading around $13.90 at time of writing.  

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