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EOS Jumps 10% on News of Impending Network Upgrade

Smartphone with orange EOS symbol on-screen among silver EOS coins
While most of the wider cryptocurrency market flounders in the red, EOS is one of the only top 10 coins in the green: up 10 percent in the past hour.
Earlier today EOS was trading only just above $4.00 but has catapulted up to $4.46 as fresh volume enters the market. Bitcoin (BTC), by comparison, is down 3.27 percent in the past 24 hours, with Bitcoin SV down 3.33 percent and Bitcoin Cash down 1 percent. Despite making significant losses earlier today, Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have begun a mild recovery.
EOS developers Block.One announced earlier today several steps that have been taken towards completing the impending upgrade to v1.8 of the EOS mainnet. The recent release of the EOSIO Specification Repository from EOSIO Labs opens up a dedicated GitHub repository to provide technical details to the EOS developer community.
There are now stable releases for both EOSIO v1.8 and EOSIO.contracts v1.7 and with EOSIO v1.8 having been successfully deployed to two testnets, a proposed upgrade date of September 23 has been put forward. Barring any unforeseen issues, all EOS nodes will need to upgrade before this date or risk falling out of sync.
For those EOS developers wishing to hone their skills, they can do so by watching the EOSIO Blockchain Development webinar released by Block.One here. Registration for the webinar is free and it features a walkthrough of everything you need to know to start building apps on the EOS blockchain

EOS Developments

In over developments, there has been much discussion and debate regarding voting and governance issues, something the community has raised many concerns about this year. The news follows the publishing earlier this month of part one of the EOS “Strategic Vision” paper which outlines plans to improve efficiency on both the vertical and horizontal scalability of the network.
Several new EOS-related projects have recently launched or moved into the next stage of development, including LuquidApp, Effect Force, Wizz Chat and CoinCola:
WizzChat is the new message server for EOS holders from Wizz Network that features end-to-end encryption and Effect Force is a community-powered, AI-focused ‘microtask’ platform available on the EOS mainnet. CoinCola is an Asian over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading platform that recently added EOS to its list of assets and LiquidApp is a decentralized app (dApp) development platform for EOS developers.

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