With the EOS network now live, DApp creators are practically falling over themselves to launch their products. With the recent inaugural global hackathon sponsored by Block.one in Hong Kong, it seems that new projects are appearing on the new protocol almost daily. One industry ripe for technological disruption from blockchain is Sports betting.

Being able to facilitate the security and transparency of a blockchain, as well as the potential for larger free-market dynamics and liquidity sportsbooks, could certainly attract new and experienced punters.

EOS Sports Bets is aiming to do just that, with a Beta launch of its platform this July. Currently under NDA, they are conducting a 1,000 Token per user Airdrop to interested participants.  Goals from the company include allowing customers to set their own odds by participating in an ‘advanced sportsbook market’. By creating a decentralised community and market for sports-betting, EOS Sports Bets and the underlying EOS protocol promise to help shift the balance of power away from more centralised and controlling betting organisations. EOS’ fee-free structure will certainly go some way in securing the business viability of such a project.

Recently updating their whitepaper, EOS Sports Bets aims to begin expanding support for sports by August and live in-game betting by late-September. It will be interesting to watch how EOS Sports Bets and the EOS ecosystem progresses into Q3 and Q4. For more information on the project, readers can visit their twitter page and for anyone looking for some gambling sites that accept cryptocurrencies in the meantime check out our dedicated page with the latest offers from a range of bookmakers and casinos.

Image From Shutterstock