Ethereum Co-Founder Shares Latest On Cardano (ADA); Two Testnets Imminent

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On Wednesday, IOHK CEO and Cardano figurehead Charles Hoskinson shared a 15-minute video of him discussing all kinds of aspects of Cardano – the multi-layer protocol behind the popular cryptocurrency, ADA.

Cardano 1.2 Development Is Done

Having completed development on April 20, Hoskinson revealed that both Cardano 1.2 and the data-list updates are now with the Release Manager and the QA Department (QA = Quality Assurance).

Regarding the data-list updates, the IOHK CEO made a point of saying that they were “very numerous,” and involved features like “paper wallets and asynchronous restores.”

All are currently being tested – both internally and externally. The Ethereum co-founder anticipates that Cardano 1.2 will go live in mid-May, as “these tests take about a month.” As they progress, Cardano will publish an “announcement of the exact date.”

Scalability, Not Just For Blockchain

Impressively, Hoskinson revealed that “IOHK hired 27 people in the last three months.” The IOHK Project Management (PM) office is one area of the Cardano ecosystem that has grown immensely; now housing seven employees.

Since Cardano launched last September, they had just one Project Manager – Eileen Fitzgerald – who had the unenviable job of establishing workstreams for every department working on the Cardano blockchain.

Today, the IOHK team now has five project managers, excluding the scaling-specialist herself – Fitzgerald – who now serves as Executive Vice President and Head of Programs. On Wednesday, Hoskinson revealed that he receives “six project updates every week” from the PM office.

Project Managers Go Public

Now content with internal communication channels, Hoskinson told the audience of his desire for the team’s project managers to begin publicly sharing monthly video updates re: their particular workstreams.

Trialling this idea – which would make Cardano arguably the most transparent cryptocurrency project – will be Gerard Moroney. As the Project Manager who oversees Cardano CL (CL = Computation Layer), Moroney will “talk about the upcoming testnet for Yella, and for the K-EVM.”

The Two Testnets

The first testnet concerns K-EVM (K Semantics of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)), and the second is for Yella (Cardano’s IELE Virtual Machine). Per Hoskinson, Moroney will share “specific dates on when he thinks these testnets are coming,” during his “extensive video update.”

Both testnets pertain to Goguen – the third of the five phases comprising the Cardano roadmap.

Charles Heads To Israel…

Hoskinson, along with IOHK’s scientists, will attend Eurocrypt 2018 this upcoming weekend in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The annual conference is one of three organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). It was actually the IACR who accepted Ouroboros for peer-review, and so Eurocrypt 2018 will feature IOHK’s scientists “show[ing] off their latest and greatest” in this space.

Regarding the science-side of Cardano, Hoskinson stated:

We’ve had a lot of research converge to a near-done state in the last seven months. It’s actually been the most fertile time in IOHK’s history for research and development.”

The Cardano figurehead explained how the team has “been able to massively update Ouroboros” in recent times, as their innovative proof of stake algorithm continues building toward Ouroboros Praos.

…Then To Ethiopia

After Israel, the IOHK chief executive is “heading to Ethiopia,” where he’ll be meeting their national government and others.

Hoskinson added that he’s “getting really excited about potentially teaching a Haskell class, either in Ethiopia, or made available to Ethiopian students to go and travel somewhere else.”

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