Ethereum Community Rallies to Donate Over 100 ETH to Fast-Growing EthHub Resource Website

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Oftentimes, the bear market will bring out the worst in people. For various members of the Ethereum community, however, this ostensibly is not the case. Indeed, the past 48 hours have seen a generous inrush of ETH-denominated donations to the Ethereum address of a fast-growing, community-oriented project.

It all started Wednesday, when EthHub – an information and research hub for Ethereum – published a blog post announcing the launch of “the first iterations of [their] planned funding initiatives – a simple donation address.”

At the time of writing – some 48 hours after the blog post was published – generous members of the crypto community have forked out 100.5 ETH (~$11,050 USD) in donations. This total will undoubtedly climb, especially with a recurring donation (powered by the ERC-1337 standard) on Gitcoin’s Gitcoin Grants expected to go live shortly (see: below tweet).

Crypto winter failing to curb EthHub’s growth

Since the website was launched on January 3rd by co-founders Anthony Sassano and Eric Conner, EthHub has seen more than 60 unique contributors on the EthHub GitHub repository, 8,000-plus unique visitors and 50,000-plus views of the EthHub docs website, over 80 percent growth in EthHub Weekly newsletter subscribers, over 11,500 all-time downloads on the Into the Ether podcast, and almost 3,000 followers on the @EthHub_io Twitter account.

What to do with all the funds

By no means are EthHub short on ideas vis-à-vis where to spend the donated funds. Beyond covering overheads, Sassano and Conner are planning to “pay bounties for EthHub content (on Gitcoin, Bounties Network etc), fund developers building on Ethereum through the Gitcoin grants program, [and] pay developers/designers to add extra features to the EthHub website,” according to Wednesday’s blog post.

The co-founders have also notified the community that “a detailed transparency report” will be published at the beginning of every month. The report will represent – amongst other things – a breakdown of EthHub’s generated revenues, spending of donated funds, and current balances.

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