Ethereum (ETH) Reaches 50 Million Unique Addresses

Many cryptocurrency media outlets and investors have described this season as “The Crypto Winter”, especially in comparison to the fact that last year, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins were rising to their all-time-high during late 2017. This is because Bitcoin (BTC) has broken support levels at both $6,000, and $5,000 – and is currently trading at well below $4,000.

Key Milestone

However, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t interested in the cryptocurrency world more than ever. Ethereum has actually reached a key milestone. Specifically, Ethereum has reached 50 million unique addresses. This means that since May 2018, there have been about 100,000 Ethereum new unique addresses added daily.

Ethereum Enthusiasts

There are some individuals who appear to believe that Etherum might even have more long-term potential than Bitcoin. Two individuals that have publicly praised Ethereum are involved with Apple and Google, two of the most well-known and influential technology companies in the world.

Steve Wozniak has been clear that he has no interest in investing or keeping up with cryptocurrency markets, but he does keep some cryptocurrency so that he can pay for things. Specifically, he believes that Ethereum has potential, stating: “Ethereum interests me because it can do things and because it’s a platform.

Another influential tech figure is ex-CEO Eric Schmidt, and he has also gone on record to praise Ethereum. At a recent event, Schmidt stated: “I think the most interesting stuff that’s going on are the beginning of execution on top of blockchain, the most obvious example being the capability of Ethereum. And if Ethereum can manage to figure out a way to do global synchronization of that activity, that’s a pretty powerful platform. That’s a really new invention,” he said.

Of course, even with this key milestone reached, it is important to note that Ethereum is currently trading at $85, as of press time. When one considers that Ethereum’s all time high is over $1400, the third largest cryptocurrency (by market capitalization) is trading at less than 10% of its “all-time high” price.

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