Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin forced to distance himself from “secret meeting” of “Ethereum management committee”

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Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin has taken to Twitter to respond to allegations that a “secret meeting” occurred in Toronto this week which looked to establish a “plutocratic government” over the Ethereum blockchain.

Last week a Coinbase article described a two day private meeting with “top researchers” gathering to “discuss how decisions should be made on ethereum”. Called “EIP:0”, present were representatives of “Parity Technologies, the Web3 Foundation, the Ethereum Foundation, Giveth, Aragon, Consensys, MetaMask and others”.

The agenda focused on various thorny issues for the platform, including how frozen funds could be returned, whether ether issuance should be limited and how to keep the blockchain decentralized when faced with constant advances in mining technology.

The forum was characterised by Catallaxy co-founder Francis Pouliot as a “secret meeting” in which “blockchain governance rules” were “decided by the stakeholders”. Describing it as “insane” he suggested that it amounted to the establishing of a “plutocratic government” for Ethereum, i.e. control was being centralised in the hands of the very wealthy.

Pouliot’s tweet suffered a substantial backlash with many pointing out that much of the “secret” meeting had been publicly livestreamed. The author of the original article, Rachel-Rose O’Leary, said that in her view “there was nothing sinister about this meeting”, while Lane Rettig, who was present for the discussions, pointed out that no rules were established and that there was no such thing as the “ethereum management committee”.

Nevertheless, Buterin decided to address the issue, saying that he was not present at the meeting and it had nothing to do with him.

In an ironic touch seemingly designed to fuel Bitcoin maximalists’ claims of a “Buterin cult” in the Ethereum community, he noted that the event had been put together “without my permission”.

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