LocalBitcoins Review

This review explores LocalBitcoins – the global exchange site that allows Bitcoin (BTC) investors to buy and sell the world’s leading cryptocurrency in a peer-to-peer manner (be it locally or online) – and has been written to share with you both the good and bad aspects of LocalBitcoins. To check the very cheapest buying rates available at LocalBitcoins right now…

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Coss.io Exchange Review

coss io banner

COSS.io is more than just an exchange.  Spelled out, it’s acronym stands for Crypto One Stop Solution, and that’s precisely the platform that COSS looks to provide to its users. In the COSS whitepaper, the project’s team argues that the barrier of entry to cryptocurrency trading and services is too substantial.  Adoption, they claim, has been hindered by the space’s…

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Kucoin Exchange Review

It specializes in the more obscure altcoins on the market and it brands itself as “The People’s Exchange.” Meet KuCoin, a rising star on the cryptocurrency exchange field. It’s one of the younger exchanges out there. Launched on September 15th, 2017, the Hong Kong based exchange has had a successful inauguration. Many in the crypto community have drawn comparisons to…

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GDAX Review


The Global Digital Asset Exchange (or GDAX for short) is a fiat to crypto exchange that offers trading pairs for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.  Users from the United Kingdom buy Bitcoin with the GBP, while United States and European residence have access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin with the USD and EUR, respectively.  US investors can trade their…

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Binance Exchange Review

binance brand image

Having launched in September 2017, you’d forgive Binance and its cryptocurrency exchange for taking a while to find their feet amid the highly competitive realm of cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. Alas, age is just a number. Yes, Binance wasted little time asserting itself as one of the safest, most well-managed platforms out there for investing and trading not just…

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