Imagine an online platform that allows ordinary, everyday citizens the ability to quickly and easily invest in one of the most valuable assets known to humanity. No, we’re not talking about gold: Fieldcoin is a blockchain project that makes it possible for anyone to invest in agricultural land from the comfort of their own home. No prior knowledge of real estate investment is required, and there is no need for the added expense of property brokers, intermediaries, regulation costs or taxation concerns.

Through the power of blockchain technology, Fieldcoin aims to tokenize swathes of physical farmland and make it available to investors around the world. The project promises to modernize the agribusiness industry while providing much-needed liquidity to farmers and small producers in emerging economies. Via the simple app, small-scale farmers who may not have access to a bank loan can get in contact with investors to crowdfund new agricultural projects.

The strength of a land-backed asset

Fieldcoin represents one of the only cryptocurrencies currently in existence that is backed by a physical asset, making it far less susceptible to market volatility. recently rated the London-based project as one of Europe’s most promising early-stage blockchain projects.

The Fieldcoin online marketplace is built upon the hugely successful Ethereum blockchain and utilizes both ERC20 and ERC721 tokens to offer both fungible and non-fungible assets. Together, these assets create a tokenized land-ownership ecosystem that gives investors an extensive level of management and control over the land they own. Whether you want to rent, sell or develop your property, it is all achievable via the Fieldcoin app.

A fintech revolution

Incorporating 4.0 agribusiness technologies combined with IoT (Internet-of-Things) processes, Fieldcoin aims to develop a platform via which investors can manage and exchange farmland remotely from IT devices.

All transactions are recorded on a transparent and immutable blockchain ledger, providing all necessary information and insights to both investors and farmers. The process is not only highly secure and reliable but also faster, cheaper and more accurate than any other existing technology. The revolutionary system can help previously disadvantaged farmers both financially and via the provision of education regarding a more diverse range of crops and farming methods.

In addition, the Fieldcoin Foundation will channel funds from the project into the building of infrastructure to improve transport for farmers and provide better access to water and electricity.

Fieldcoin Presale Round 2

Fieldcoin continues its drive to bring innovation to the agricultural land ownership sector via the power of blockchain technology. The project is in the midst of its second presale round, which runs throughout the month of April until May 2nd, 2019.

The sale offers FLC tokens at $0.05, with an added 80 percent bonus for $500,000 worth of tokens available. Within a maximum of six months from the final sale, the trade back protocol will be implemented which allows investors to claim assets in physical property. Once this process is complete, the full range of Fieldcoin services become available, including collateral loans, crowdfunding, and investment projects.

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