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Free Blockchain Education Week Headed to Bay Area; Expecting 5,000+ Attendees

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Interest surrounding blockchain technology is set to be bolstered this October, after Tuesday saw the SF Blockchain Community introduce a week-long event that promises to offer free educational services to consumers, developers, and entrepreneurs.

Dubbed San Francisco Blockchain Week, the event – which will run from October 5-12 – has a jam-packed agenda indeed. According to the official event page, over fifteen meetups, more than thirty education development workshops, ten-plus “SF BlockParties,” and plenty more, has already been scheduled.

The greater goal of this intensive event is to bolster the industry’s reach to mainstream adoption of the blockchain projects that matter.” – SF Blockchain Community

With over one-hundred blockchain companies expected to attend, it is unsurprising to learn of the well-respected calibre of names that have agreed to attend the event in early October. Among the many listed, some key personnel to have already confirmed their attendance at the inaugural San Francisco Blockchain Week are Joseph Poon (Co-Author, Plasma & The Lightning Network), Loi Luu (CEO & Co-Founder, Kyber Network), and Alessandro Chiesa (Co-Founder, Zcash; Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley).

Roughly two dozen of the industry’s most prominent names have come together to make the Blockchain Week possible. These include blockchain-based projects like ICON (ICX), NEO (NEO), and RChain (RHOC), and crypto-exclusive investment firms such as 1kx and Dekrypt Capital.

Three Events to Headline

Per its dedicated event page, the San Francisco Blockchain Week will be based around the following three events: Ethereum Hackathon ETHSF (October 5-7), Crypto Economic Security Conference (CESC) (October 11-12), and UC Berkeley’s Blockchain Academy (TBA).

Education For All Types

Notably, the San Francisco Blockchain Week promises to cater for a wide range of educational requirements, stating that “the week is designed for blockchain amateurs and experienced founders alike.”

Regarding the type of content that will be taught, the SF Blockchain Community revealed that “everything from basic knowledge on how to handle private keys and interact with wallets to how to build consumer-facing applications” will feature.

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