Jez San, the founder and CEO of FunFair, has announced to followers that his team is on the “home stretch,” though he wouldn’t be drawn on any specific date for the blockchain gambling platform’s release.

San said on Telegram that “we’re not ready to set a date yet,” though he insisted that everyone was “working extremely hard on all fronts.”

The next landmark will be testing the FunPass KYC (Know Your Customer) solution, described as a “blockchain-based identity construct” which enables uses to be recognised and affirmed immediately, without the need for frustrating and time-consuming form-filling. After that will be beta-testing and finally the first gaming license.

Since we can’t give a date you can’t know what to expect,” he said, but promised that “we’re on the home stretch.” He also reassured FUN-holders that the FunFair team was also keen to launch. “We want this out soon,” he said, and “don’t want it to be drawn out.

There has been significant buzz around this British company, though some holders of the FUN token have become frustrated by delays in development. One investor, smwill77, said that he had “heard this and similar messages from him and Team too many times in the past 6 months to take it seriously at this point.”

However, most of the community welcomed the update and noted the progress that had been achieved so far. Reddit user warped_alibi pointed out that demos had been “constantly improved and updated,” and that there were “new game releases, new game development partnerships,” as well as more staff and the “announcement of first casino partner.”

Expanding into Asia

FunFair’s marketing team took to Reddit last week for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. During the Q&A, FunFair confirmed that it was looking at “building our profile” in Asian markets and had attended “events such as G2E Asia earlier this year” with that aim in mind. The company is also holding talks with “a number of different entities” to expand its exposure “on the popular social channels/communities in Asia and spreading the FUN message.

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