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Great Ways to Earn Bitcoin While Playing Games


If you have some time to kill while sitting on a bus or just chilling at home, don’t waste it playing candy crush on your phone. There is a multitude of ways you can earn some passive income in the form of Bitcoin while simply playing games on both your phone or laptop. Long gone are the days where using Bitcoin online was a dangerous activity – now, with advanced technology, using Bitcoin is easier and safer than ever. There are many online resources available to carefully guide you through the process of getting set up with a Bitcoin wallet and buying your first coins. It often only takes a few minutes and is as simple as one, two, three.

Online Bitcoin games range from advanced casino games like blackjack and poker to more simple games like slots or common computer platform games. No matter what your skill level or how high your aversion to risk is, there is a Bitcoin game out there that will suit your needs.

A quick browse on the Internet will reveal that many Bitcoin games earn money, and depending on which site you choose you could get some impressive bonuses to go with it. Lots of Bitcoin gaming sites offer as much as four times back on your initial deposit when you sign up – meaning even if you end up losing a lot at the start you could still come out on top. In addition to this, many platforms offer demo versions of games so you can test them out first and decide which one is best for you. 

The most lucrative games are usually gambling-related and require an initial deposit and the associated risk, but there are others that pay out small amounts of Bitcoin simply for your interaction. (These sites can afford to do this due to the paid advertising that appears on the site).

Choosing a good Bitcoin gaming site

When selecting an online platform to play Bitcoin games, it’s best to read some impartial reviews first to make sure it’s reliable. Simply Google the name of the platform followed by ‘reviews’ and you should get a list of sites that do independent website reviews. Some sites might look good at first glance and offer excellent payouts but when it comes time to cash out your winnings, suddenly you run into problems.v

Independent reviews should give you a good idea about how honest and reliable a Bitcoin gaming site is, just make sure there is a high number of reviews over a long period. Some sites post fake reviews to make themselves look more trustworthy, although these days the industry is well regulated and scams are uncommon. 

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