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Holochain’s Holo (HOT) Jumps on Partnerships Lead Tease

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Holo, the Holochain-based hosting network which has recently managed to make its way onto the radars of many investors – as the value of its underlying ‘placeholder’ cryptocurrency, the Ethereum-based ERC20-compliant HoloToken (HOT), continues excelling in otherwise gloomy market conditions – looks set to benefit from a fresh bout of community-driven speculation; congruent with the ‘buy the rumour, sell the news’ maxim.

With HOT having recently appreciated mostly off the back of a renewed wave of conjecture that stemmed from an April 25 instalment of HoloChats – where Matthew Schutte (Director of Communications) spoke with an intrigued Jim Cook (CFO, Mozilla; Co-Founder, Netflix) – Tuesday marked what looks to be the impetus for yet another burst of FOMO-driven buy orders for the HOT cryptocurrency.

This time, the source came from within the Holo team. Specifically, it is the below-depicted tweet shared by Ferananda Ibarra (Partnership Coordination, Holo) that has swiftly permeated the Holo community and the r/holochain subreddit.

The ‘hApp’ term used by Ibarra is short for ‘Holochain app’, which is specific to the Holochain open-source framework for peer-to-peer applications. Holo, in fact, represents the first-ever hApp, and can also support other Holochain apps unveiled in the future.

With Ibarra closing her tweet with: “our hApp ecosystem is getting stronger,” one can plausibly deduce that the suggested upcoming partners are, if not themselves new hApps, at least some kind of development-oriented, auxiliary projects that will commit resources toward bolstering the hApp ecosystem.

The price of HOT is beginning to reflect the hype instigated by Ibarra’s tweet, with Holo trailing only Stellar (XLM) as the best performing top-50 cryptocurrency (by market cap) over the past 24 hours – up 0.7 percent at the time of writing.

The exceptional counter-market performance of HOT is best illustrated by highlighting its value relative to Bitcoin (BTC) where, over the past 30 days, HOT is up 86 percent – according to CoinCheckup.

Disclaimer: This article is based on unofficial assertions interpreted at face value. Please be aware of the possibility that such claims do not actualize. The author does not own any HoloTokens (HOT).

Image From Piotr Swat / Shutterstock

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