Chinese tech giant Huawei is rumoured to be partnering with Sirin Labs to develop a mass market mobile device which will run blockchain apps.

Huawei, the 3rd biggest handset manufacturer in the world, will provide the hardware, while Sirin Labs supply the SIRIN operating system. Though both companies admit that contact has taken place, neither is confirming future plans. Were Huawei to proceed it would be the first time a mobile hardware company of this size has made the move into blockchain technology.

In December last year Sirin Labs raised more than $150 million in an ICO to develop the Finney phone which will go on sale later this year at around $1,000. The device already has 25,000 pre-orders and offers a “cold storage” wallet, i.e. offline cryptocurrency storage, high security and the facility to automatically convert fiat to the tokens needed to run blockchain apps.

Sirin were also responsible for the Solarin phone, an Android device with a privacy focus, and a listed sale price of $16,000.

Rumours of the meeting first appeared on Reddit with a link to leaked photos of what appeared to be senior Huawei executives visiting the Sirin Labs Israeli headquarters.

Though Sirin have confirmed that the meeting took place, it appears that contracts have yet to be signed. One of Sirin’s Telegram admins said that “we will announce partnerships once official.

Huawei has yet to take off in the US, not least due to suspicion of the company and its close links to the Chinese government. Last month various US intelligence chiefs warned against buying Huawei phones due to security concerns.

FBI Director Chris Wray said that they were “deeply concerned about the risks” of Americans owning Huawei devices as the company might “maliciously modify or steal information” and even allow the Chinese government to “conduct undetected espionage.”

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