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Huobi Pro exchange lists Monero (XMR)

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Huobi, one of the world’s biggest crypto-exchanges, has just announced that it will list Monero (XMR).

Users will be able to deposit Monero from 16.30 today (GMT+8). Trading pairs with Bitcoin and Ethereum will be available from 16.00 (GMT+8) tomorrow and withdrawals open from 16.00 (GMT+8) on the June 10.

Rumours started to circulate yesterday that such a move was imminent, with the Monero community hopeful, but skeptical. Reddit user “Febos” noted that “Huobi is last big exchange Monero is missing,” so “if this news is true it is big!

When it was suggested that Coinbase is also a holdout, Febos pointed out that the Coinbase exchange, GDAX, has much lower volume than Huobi. In the past 24 hours Huobi did over $1 billion worth of business, compared to just under $176 million for GDAX.

The news is particularly notable as so-called “privacy coins” like Monero have recently suffered in Asian markets. Last month South Korean exchange Korbit and the Japanese exchange Coincheck both delisted Dash, Monero and ZCash, the most prominent of the privacy coins.

More good news for “Fluffy Pony”

Monero project lead Riccardo Spagni had another piece of good news to celebrate today when BitDials, a German company which provides “unique luxury watches and jewelry to the Bitcoin community” announced that it would be using Globee as a cryptocurrency payment provider.

Not only is Spagni one of the co-founders of Globee, he is also well known for his (occasionally controversial) love of “fine timepieces.

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