On Wednesday evening (PDT), Ian Balina – the crypto investor and evangelist who travels the world informing the masses about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology – provided his near-150k Twitter followership with an update regarding the recent hacking incident that saw Balina robbed of over US$2,000,000 worth of ERC20 tokens during one of his livestreamed ICO reviews hosted on his popular YouTube channel.

In a three-part tweet, Balina opened by sharing that he, in collaboration with the FBI, “believe to have identified the hacker(s),” but noted that the recovery of any (or all) of the $2 million-plus worth of cryptoassets “is a super complex situation” given the global nature of the cyberattack (i.e., not executed entirely within the United States).

Balina, who is best known among the crypto community for the tireless work he puts into analyzing upcoming ICOs – and teaching the public how to do the same – revealed in the second of his Wednesday tweets that given the FBI’s investigative work had not yet reached closure, he’d “rather not speculate.”

Promisingly for Balina, he could share the fact that at least part of the $2 million-plus plunder had been “successfully secured or frozen.”

After acknowledging the loving support shown by the crypto community in recent weeks, Balina uploaded a third (and final) tweet sharing his belief that “we are very confident justice will be served,” and that all past victims successfully targeted by these same hacker(s) should feel the same way.

For those interested, Balina livestreamed an AMA on April 24 which addressed the hacking event.

Business As Usual

Exemplifying his headstrong dedication to the crypto ecosystem, Balina is currently four days into his European Crypto Tour; a commendable effort indeed, for it is not every day you have your financial assets stolen, let alone over $2,000,000 worth.

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