Airbloc Protocol is to be the chosen decentralized advertising data marketplace of the ICON Foundation and its associated blockchain accelerator Deblock.

The partnership was revealed by Airbloc Protocol today, in which the ICON platform is to be used to develop the Aero Network, the data validation network that powers Airbloc designed specifically for the processing of data.

A fully operational Airbloc Protocol would give users complete personal control of their data, including tracking and even selling their data to advertisers. The end result would be a completely improved targeted advertising system that fairly distributes profits to both users and advertisers.

Interestingly, Airbloc will become a ‘hybrid-chain’ that uses both the ICON blockchain and Ethereum.

A release reads:

Since cleansing and processing of the large amount of data cannot be done on Ethereum, the tasks will be processed on Aero Network that uses ICON. By using the two chain together, we expect to be able to solve the Ethereum’s performance limitation problem by ICON’s high performance.”

The partnership will also see both the ICON Foundation and Deblock participate in Airbloc Protocol’s token sales and key members will be acting as advisors for the project.

The competition in the decentralized advertising data marketplaces is quite stiff, most notably the Brave browser and its associated BAT token, developed by the co-founder of Mozilla and the creator of Javascript, Brendan Eich.

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