On Saturday, the board of the IOTA Foundation – the German non-profit driving the growth of the IOTA Tangle DAG technology and its underlying IOTA cryptocurrency – conducted their inaugural live video AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

Participating in the AMA, broadcasted (01:12:16) on YouTube by IOTA Foundation AMA were all three board members, Dominik Schiener (Co-Founder), David Sønstebø (Co-Founder), and Ralf Rottmann.

The video, refreshingly transparent as far as crypto-related projects go, covered a slew of topics that helped shed light on how the overall progress of the IOTA ecosystem. These included updates regarding their roadmap, IXI Hub, the recent hiring of Dr. Richard Soley, applicability of Tangle with financial institutions and NGOs, swarm nodes, transaction throughput, and in-built identification.

Beyond technical explanations, Schiener, Sønstebø and Rottmann also shared with the IOTA community how their globally dispersed team works on a day-to-day basis. Notably, they revealed how the IOTA Foundation is aiming to comprise a total of over one hundred members by the year’s end.

What’s more, the three board members responded to a question wanting to know how non-technical IOTA enthusiasts could help cultivate the fast-growing ecosystem.

The topic of FUD was also addressed; something the IOTA Foundation has been forced to defend more than many other big-name projects, mostly because their cryptographic solution is not built using blockchain technology, but rather, a directed acyclic graph (DAG).


This upcoming Saturday, Schiener will be presenting as part of Berlin’s TEDxMauerPark event; the theme being ‘Transfer, Transform, and Transcribe’.

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