The IOTA Foundation has finally released to beta the Trinity wallet app, described as “born of the community, earnestly championed by the community, and finally taken under the Foundation’s wing.

The IOTA foundation has developed Trinity to be “a safe wallet for everyone”, one which “protects you every step of the way” and where “tasks are automated as much as possible.” The wallet is customisable into different languages and currencies and has been designed to “make transactions as simple and convenient as possible.

According to the IOTA Foundation, the Trinity development team has been working “diligently, in close collaboration with community members” for the last few months leading to “passionate discussions” over every detail of the wallet.

The initial idea for the wallet came from the IOTA community itself and development was community-driven before it was taken up by the Foundation to “provide assurance to the wider community that the wallet is safe to use.

In a further attempt to reassure the community of the security of the new wallet, the IOTA Foundation has “subjected Trinity to 2 external reviews, a threat modelling exercise and a security audit”. Those reviews are available to the public on the website, and the Foundation promises that all the reported bugs and threats which emerged have been dealt with.

Worth the wait?

The Foundation thanked the community for its patience, and say that they confident “you will feel it was well-worth the wait.” The mobile version is now available in beta, with the desktop version expected soon.

The arrival of the wallet had been keenly anticipated in the IOTA community and it seems that so far the high expectations have been matched by reality. One early user on Reddit spoke for many when he described the app as “gorgeous and incredibly well made.”

IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø congratulated all involved and said that the project was “a great demonstration of the Foundation and the community coming together” to “test, iterate and release this amazing piece of software.” The new wallet was so user friendly that “now even your crack smoking grandmother can enjoy the benefits of zero fees for her purchases.”

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