IOTA Launches New Testnet as Current One is Really a ‘Mainnet Lite’, More to Come

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The IOTA Foundation has launched a new testnet and officially renamed the current testing network to ‘Devnet’. They are also preparing to launch at least two additional testnets.

An official blog post details just how quickly their original testnet has been adopted by blockchain developers  and it appears the overall input has become too big to be housed within just one test network. The blog post reads:

As the testnet became more widely used — by exchanges for on-boarding to IOTA, by the Data Marketplace, and by other participants and collaborators developing IOTA related software — it became less and less operationally tenable to break it on a whim.”

Devnet’ will take over the main testnet – where developers will be free to work on their dApps using the latest stable version of the IOTA Reference Implementation (IRI). The IOTA Foundation has plans to introduce at least three more testnets in the near future: Spamnet, Canarynet and Testnet1.

Spamnet appears to be a Tangle dedicated to network testing, and as the name implies, especially under heavy load. There is reportedly 7 nodes currently operating and the community is welcome to contribute by spamming the network. Here is a neat visualizer of the Spamnet.

Canarynet will be reserved for testing of new versions of the IRI before new versions are integrating into the Mainnet. Testnet1, the expected Testnet2 and so on are to cover everything else that may arise that developers may need their own testnet to hash things out.

Just days ago, the IOTA Foundation revealed that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Office for Project Services to explore how their Tangle technology can contribute. The collaboration will mainly concern supply chains, document handling and cross-border payments.

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