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Is it true that Crypto makes online gambling more fair?

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Since the establishment of Gambling industry, players have always somewhat questioned the fairness of the games. In physical casinos, many people believe that games are made to be rigged in favor of the establishment. Standard online casinos that are tied to conventional financial institutions are always questioned as well. What if the games are programmed to make the player lose? This question is absolutely redundant, when it comes to the Bitcoin Casinos. Crypto gambling is designed in its core, to eliminate any form of fraud or unfairness. The key advantage of the BTC Casinos is the blockchain technology which has completely revolutionized the world of gambling. The tools for this revolution are the Provably Fair Games.

Provably Fair Gambling

Blockchain technology has given people various revolutionary concepts over the years. As far as the gambling industry goes, one of the most significant achievements is the Provably Fair Technology. Through this unbreakable design, BTC Casinos can absolutely guarantee the fairness of their games. Provably Fair is based on SHA-2 Hash algorithms, developed specifically for crypto casinos. These hash algorithms make the history of the gameplay completely transparent. Players can check the in-depth process of the game by themselves, thanks to the pre-game generated hash information and final result correlation. Through provably fair technology, it’s easy to visualize the fairness of the game, because it’s process is linear. The predetermined hash algorithm is generated before the start of the play and the final outcome can’t, in any way be tampered with or hacked. It is simply impossible. That means that the BTC Casinos that offer these games, can be totally trusted and enjoyed with clear conscience. 

Do all Bitcoin Casinos use Provably Fair Technology?

Usually, prominent Crypto Casinos totally support Provably Fair Games, because they are the “Trust Bridge” Between them and the community of gamblers. It’s crucial for the Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts to feel safe from any types of fraud, that’s why it’s utterly important to provide such revolutionary services to their communities. There are crypto casinos that chose not to offer such games to their players, citing flawless reputation and integrity as their main guarantee of fairness. Although it’s a well-established fact, that total trust is something that can’t be earned without providing games that are absolutely guaranteed to be fair.

What are other benefits of Bitcoin Gambling?

Aside from providing the possibilities of total provable fairness, Bitcoin Casinos have tons of other advantages over the competition. Bitcoin Gambling is synonymous with speed. Where standard Casinos take days to approve and complete the transfer of funds, Crypto Gambling sites take literal minutes. The subject of financial and personal security is totally covered thanks to the decentralized nature of the Blockchain technology. One of the most significant advantages of Bitcoin Gambling is the factor of anonymity. Nobody will ever be able to identify you without permission. Financial institutions are absolutely oblivious to the financial processes of the players, ensuring another extra layer of security. All this is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to benefits of crypto casinos.   

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