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John McAfee announces that cryptocurrency will save us from slavery

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Last week John McAfee was boasting that he charged $500,000 per tweet and was worth every cent. This week he is on an ideological push to convince us that cryptocurrency is our route out of wage slavery. Just a normal couple of weeks in the life of the controversial cryptocurrency figure, whose oscillations between cynicism and idealism are a large part of his appeal.

Earlier in the week McAfee published his “Declaration of Currency Independence”, which he described as “the founding document of the Crypto movement.” In it he writes that “prior to the proliferation of cryptoassets, the option of the State abdicating control over the supply of currency was never a viable possibility.” However, that state control “can, has, and is fundamentally manipulated.

As “the Internet changed how humans viewed the transfer of information,” cryptocurrencies  are changing how we view the transfer of value. Declaring that “Controlled Currencies through fiat” are now obsolete, the signatories undertake to “dedicate our lives building networks and systems that restore the Integrity of Value and directly challenge the authority of those who seek to destroy Value.

Cryptocurrency to save us

Following up on the declaration, in the last 24 hours he has shared two videos with his followers elaborating on the potential of cryptocurrencies to “save us” and “free us from slavery”.

In the first he says that “you have bought into the existing power structure that there is no other way.” But now another way exists, cryptocurrency, which he describes as “a means of freeing ourselves from this yoke that we have so willingly applied to our shoulders.

Exhorting his followers to read the declaration he wills us to “unlock the door to your cage” and “come into the light with us.

The second video, posted earlier today, shows a relaxed McAfee, holstered-gun on hip, being asked by an off-camera voice, “Mr McAfee, how is cryptocurrency going to save us?

He replies that it is “very simple.” Under the current system you raise yourself to power through the currency, and “once you achieve power, you and all of the other power brokers get to control the very system that brought you to power.

McAfee gives as an example the Federal Reserve, which, he says, has “never been audited and has immense power to impact your life through tiny measures like changing the interest rate.

By contrast, under the crypto-system, “you can still elevate yourself to a position of wealth, but not of power.” Provided the currency “is designed properly” it doesn’t matter “how much you have of something” as you will still “have no control over the means that brought you to power”: i.e. over the blockchain. This removes the corrupting influence of greater wealth and enables power to “shuffle to those people who deserve the power.

The message has gone down well with his followers, as has his advice to those who would like to own a legal firearm but are prevented from doing so. High-powered air rifles, apparently, are just as good.

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