John McAfee now charging $500,000 per tweet; next month it’s $1 million

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Depending on your perspective, controversial crypto-celebrity John McAfee may be many things — an altcoin shill, a software genius, a fugitive from justice — but everyone agrees on one point: he’s definitely not cheap.

Earlier today he told followers that his standard charge for a single tweet is now $500,000, and that next month it’ll be a cool $1 million.

McAfee had previously announced that his price to promote an altcoin or ICO was $105,000 per tweet, with no more than seven tweets per promotion (for a total cost of $735,000). His team described McAfee’s account as “by far the most influential in the field of cryptocurrency,” where a “single tweet” can lead to “more than a million dollars of investment.

Announcing himself indifferent to the complaints of an outraged cryptocurrency community, he said that he he only cares about what his clients think, and that his influence is such that his fees are a great return on investment.

Those clients are apparently happy for him to “double my fee each month”, and that next month a single tweet will cost $1,000,000. Working back, that suggests he’s already doubled his fees twice since the rock bottom price of $105,000.

McAfee the fugitive

McAfee lives such an eventful life it can be difficult to keep up. Just this week he apparently went on the run after receiving a subpoena from the SEC.

Then, while claiming to be involved in a cross-country chase, he turned over his Twitter account to his team, with instructions that they choose and send out 5 random tweets a day from his followers, all free of charge.

In the last 24 hours he took back control of his account and cleared up any confusion over his pricing structure.

This openness about his promotional activity has led to considerable pushback from the cryptocurrency community, who, while surely aware that “influencers” are being paid to promote new ventures, prefer that they are not quite so brazen about it.

An unabashed McAfee said that of course he was paid “an embarrassingly large amount”, which was exactly why he was worth following.

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