Jordan Peterson Now Accepting Bitcoin (BTC)

On the Internet, there has been a meteoric rise in the followers of certain figures, and these figures have been described as the “Intellectual Dark Web”. The group’s core consists of several controversial individuals who have discussions that often criticize the left and political correctness. For example, Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist and one of the most well-known and popular intellectuals of modern times, rose to fame after Canadian laws passed regarding gender identity.

Intellectual Dark Web

Peterson has appealed to young men and appears to be a bit of a motivator, selling out venues as he speaks about how men need to “clean your room”, a metaphor about taking stock, taking responsibility, and living up to your true potential.

There are many that suggest that there is a sinister tone to the Intellectual Dark Web, which also includes other figures such as Sam Harris, an American author and philosopher who himself has a very popular podcast.

One common criticism is the fact that many alt-right figures with racist views often appear on these platforms. For example, Harris defended the fact that he interviewed Charles Murray, who attempts to argue that some races are inherently “smarter” than others. Ezra Klein of Vox has pointed this out, among many other media outlets who appear to be disturbed by the racial undertones of the movement (it’s also important to note that all core members of the IDW are white).

From Patreon To Crypto

Of course, there are many people who would argue that WHATEVER their views – free speech is something that is sacred. However, Patreon has been de-platforming various alt-right figures that are loosely associated with the IDW, which has led to a response by the Intellectual Dark Web in turn.

Specifically, Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Patreon for “association with or supporting hate groups”. The platform, which allows users to donate to content creators around the world, addressed the issue in a tweet:

After Sargon of Akkad was also banned from Patreon, Dave Rubin – who also has his own popular Youtube channel – and Jordan Peterson announced their plans to launch an alternative to Patreon, which has not yet launched.

Peterson has addressed this in several tweets:

Peterson has been vocal about the fact that he has lost some patrons on Patreon, and has turned to cryptocurrency as a means to raise funds from supporters. Peterson has made it clear that he is unhappy with the platform, as well.

In another tweet, he states: “If you would like to support my work, but have become unhappy with Patreon, consider supporting me directly here.” At his linked donation page, you can see that a Bitcoin address and Bitcoin QR code is clearly available.


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