In a tweet earlier today, Tron founder Justin Sun announced a visit by employees from popular social commentary site Twitter.

The tweet has sparked a round of speculation amongst the crypto community that a possible partnership is on the horizon. Following its mainnet launch last month, Tron appears to have been forging new relationships on a daily basis.

Most recently, rumors have been surfacing about a possible collaboration with online retail giant Alibaba. Prior to that, partnerships have been made with FX broker Shiftmarkets and online adult entertainment site PornHub.

A secret announcement has been hinted at for July 30th and as a result, the Tron community has become rife with speculation about what it could be. This new tweet from Justin Sun has added fuel to the fire.

In response to one user’s comment on the tweet, Justin Sun mentions that he has informed the Twitter employees about the excess in fake accounts on the site. This echoes comments made earlier this week by Tesla CEO Elon Musk about the ‘mad skillz’ enacted by fake Ethereum shill accounts that dominate cryptocurrency tweets.

Twitter is a heavily used platform in the cryptocurrency space so, hopefully, a collaboration between the two companies can improve the situation that exposes naive users to ongoing crypto scams daily. With Justin Sun being one of the cryptocurrency industries most active Twitter users, he is in the perfect position to help build a constructive partnership.

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