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KFC Canada Taking Bitcoin Payments, Offering Free Chicken Bucket to Satoshi

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There’s been a lot of reports recently that cryptocurrencies are going mainstream but perhaps this is the moment they really tipped over. KFC Canada has announced a special edition “Bitcoin Bucket”, available for a limited time only and payable in Bitcoin.

Announcing the promotion on Twitter, they said,

KFC Canada presents The Bitcoin Bucket. Sure, we don’t know exactly what Bitcoins are, or how they work, but that shouldn’t come between you and some finger lickin’ good chicken.

The company also put promotional video on Facebook which lasts four hours and consists solely of a bucket of chicken and the Bitcoin price, updating every five minutes.

Buy Online and Pay with BitPay

For the Bitcoin equivalent of 20 Canadian dollars you’ll get 10 original recipe tenders, waffle fries, a medium side, gravy and two dips. Unfortunately you won’t be able to buy in-store. The offer is only available for delivery by ordering online and paying with BitPay. Delivery fees are charged on top.

Social Media Campaign

The company have so far ran a fun campaign on social media with enough insider-knowledge to suggest that someone on the team is a cryptocurrency fan.

One reads, “If Satoshi reveals his true identity, his bucket is on us”, while another, commenting on the Bitcoin market, says, “Another big rise in #Bitcoin. Hodl for the dip.

KFC’s move is the latest in a series of announcements from companies looking for publicity by announcing that they will either start or stop accepting Bitcoin. KFC’s initiative contrasts with the North American Bitcoin Conference which has stopped taking Bitcoin payments for last minute tickets. Due to the complexities involved in dealing with the cryptocurrency, including “manual inputting of data in our ticketing platforms” they decided to “shut down bitcoin payments for last minute sales due to print deadlines.

KFC Bucket Image From Shutterstock

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