Popular cryptocurrency exchange and margin trading platform Kraken has posted a job advert this week, seeking candidates from the European country of Ireland to fill key business positions.

The listings may serve as an indicator that the company is looking to establish an office in the country. There’s precedent for this in the technology sector too – many international technology giants, including Apple, have set up shop in Ireland to take advantage of their corporate-friendly tax framework.

Kraken processes around US$250 million worth of cryptocurrency trades every day.

For those interested in joining Kraken’s Irish office, there are a few positions currently listed, including Customer Account Manager and EMEA Recruitment Manager.

In addition, you can also keep an eye at the Kraken LinkedIn page and popular recruitment platform Monster for further openings.

Kraken recently closed their New York office citing regulatory hassles and their CEO, Jesse Powell, made headlines after publicly refusing to comply with information requests by the state’s Attorney General.

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