Kucoin Gives Back To Users, Offers Zero Trading Fees Until 2/21

It’s hard to argue that it’s a great time for cryptocurrency markets right now, given the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) has lost the majority of its value (from all-time highs), but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t successful cryptocurrency exchanges out there. One obvious example is Binance, which continues to expand globally and is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily volume.

Another exchange that is fairly well-known is Kucoin, which was launched in September 2017, and is relatively new to the space, compared to some of the competition. Regardless, the exchange has been making significant moves as of recent. Specifically, customers of the exchange can actually enjoy zero trading fees for the next couple of days (depending on where the user lives).

About The Announcement

This isn’t a random announcement by Kucoin by any means, as it is a celebration of the fact that “Kucoin Platform 2.0” is now online. The exchange made the announcement in a tweet, to the delight of many cryptocurrency traders and investors:

There are many advantages to Kucoin 2.0, including the fact that it offers a more extensive and attractive fee program, as well as new security features, as well. Users can enjoy zero trading fees up until 23:59:59 Feb 21, 2019 (UTC+8).

About Kucoin

While Kucoin might not be as well-known as other exchanges, it has been clearly focused on growth. About a week ago, the exchange announced that it had added support for purchasing cryptocurrency with credit cards.

Kucoin might not consistently rank among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by daily volume, but it still trades hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto per month. The exchange also has a considerable user base, with over 5 million registered users, as well. The exchange also raised $20 million from VC money in late 2018.

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