Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the popular late-night television program, featured a comedic segment devoted to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the underpinning blockchain technology, on its weekly Sunday night spot on HBO. In his well-known satirical tone, Oliver described Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a combination of “everything you don’t understand about money with everything you don’t understand about technology.”

In the segment, the British comic took a swipe at the anonymous cryptocurrency DeepOnion (ONION), jokingly saying, “I tried to think of a name worse than DeepOnion, but I couldn’t.”

Notably, actor Keegan-Michael Key portrayed Carlos Matos, the man more commonly known as ‘the BitConnect guy’ after the utterly bizarre keynote that he gave at the fraudulent company’s first (and only) annual conference last October.

The skit also featured the hashtag ‘#craefulgang’; a reference to the popular video montage ‘HODL GANG’, which takes to mocking the common colloquial phrases used among cryptocurrency fanatics.

Sunday appeared to be the first instance in which the popular American talk show has devoted a segment to cryptocurrency; an indication of its increasingly relevant place in modern culture. The show’s Twitter account did mention Bitcoin twice in 2014.

In each of the past two years, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has won a Primetime Emmy Award in prestigious categories such as ‘Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series’ and ‘Outstanding Variety Talk Series’, among others.

Of course, it was only last month that Bitcoin was covered by arguably the world’s most popular daytime television host, Ellen DeGeneres. Like Oliver did on Sunday, Ellen approached the topic of Bitcoin from a light-hearted perspective, for its inherent complexities make for anything but good television…

Notably, she opened her segment by warning her audience to be wary of anyone that claims to be able to explain the ins and outs of Bitcoin, because they are almost guaranteed to be a “liar”.

Ellen has the seventh most Twitter followers in the world, and just last year, she ranked sixteenth in Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid entertainers. Oliver is no slouch either, having featured in Time’s annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people, in 2015.

With names this big covering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it certainly indicates that the movement is beginning to gain some sort of traction in the public psyche.

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