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Launch Your Own Exchange With OKEx

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OKEx is now providing a service for budding entrepreneurs to launch their own crypto exchange. All you need is a domain name, logo, some management details and half a million OKB tokens (approx. $2.5 million). OKB is OKEx’s utility token which is now worth $5, up from the $1 they cost when released.

The project, entitled Digital Asset Exchange Open Partnership Program, is aimed at businessmen with solid crypto market experience and strong industry influence. Applicants will be set up on a matching system to OKEx and provided with all they need to get started, including offline and online crypto asset storage, a clearing system for transfers, crime prevention systems and customer support.

New exchanges must follow strict launch criteria, including specific distribution of tokens. 24 percent of tokens must go to OKB holders and 51 percent can be mined, with the remaining belonging to the exchange.

OKEx explains that the intention behind the project is to provide the closest thing to a truly decentralized digital asset exchange. They believe the service will inspire change and ideas within the blockchain industry. Originally from China, OKEx now features offices around the globe and trades over $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency a day.

Pre-packaged “businesses for resale” is not a new thing, with many traditional industries providing similar services for decades now. The idea started in the 60’s with music industry ‘white label’ vinyls, but now many electronics, banking and forex companies all offer pre-packaged business services for sale.

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