Leading Crypto Projects, dApp Devs Flock to San Francisco to Talk Ethereum, Web3 at The Graph’s Graph Day

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco

Some of the most innovative minds in the crypto industry are uniting at Graph Day today, where the future of the emerging Web3 movement will be explored from a range of perspectives such as that of software developers, investors, and community members.

Located at the Grand Theater in the heart of San Francisco, Graph Day, which is organized by The Graph, an indexing and query protocol for Web3 using GraphQL, has been in the making for several months.

Speaking at the one-day event are members from various San Francisco-headquartered projects, including Josh Fraser (Co-Founder & CTO, Origin Protocol), Alex Skidanov (CEO, Near Protocol), Robert Leshner (CEO, Compound).

Many others are flying in from all over the United States to present at Graph Day, too. Specifically, these people are: Lane Rettig (Independent Core Developer, eWASM), Eric Tang (Co-Founder & CTO, Livepeer), Esteban Ordano (Co-Founder & CTO, Decentraland), Tara Tan* (Venture Studio Lead, IDEO CoLab) and Josh Nussbaum (Founding Partner, Compound VC).

Of course, it couldn’t be Graph Day without some representation from The Graph team. The following three members from the team are presenting: Yani Tal (Project Lead), Brandon Ramirez (Research Lead) and Rodrigo Coelho (Community Lead). Additionally, Jannis Pohlmann (Tech Lead) will feature alongside Tal and Ramirez in will be a 30-minute-long, Q&A-style panel.

In his keynote presentation earlier in the day, Yaniv Tal unveiled The Graph’s new explorer user-interface and hosted service, according to the below tweet from Ramirez.

The explorer – which lets users discover so-called subgraphs – has been released in collaboration with the following seven Web3- and Ethereum-oriented projects: Dharma, Compound, Uniswap, Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Origin Protocol, Decentraland (MANA), and Livepeer (LPT). The page for each of the seven subgraphs contains a playground that lets you query that subgraph’s data with GraphQL, a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

*According to her LinkedIn profile, Tan is in fact based out of San Francisco. IDEO CoLab, however, is headquartered in Massachusetts.

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