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Ledger Nano S Adds Support for EOS

Silver EOS cryptocurrency single coin

The popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet Ledger Nano S has announced today the addition of the EOS digital asset to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. The coin is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

The announcement forms part of it’s new Crypto Tuesday program which promises the addition of a new coin every Tuesday. Ledger made the announcement via a tweet which included the listing of seven other protocols and digital assets including Hycon, Waves, Rise, FIC, Network, Pirl, and Akroma.

Ledger has been working hard to improve their portfolio of coins lately in order to increase customer satisfaction. Within the tweet, they also included a link to their Trello roadmap which keeps customers up to date on upcoming developments.

A new version of the Ledger Live integration app has also been made available in order to install the software supporting the new cryptocurrencies.

The additional listings bring Ledger’s number of supported cryptos up to 53.

EOS has enjoyed a significant market uptrend lately, crossing the $6.00 mark up from $5.41 a week ago. It is currently trading at $6.56 with a market cap of almost $6 billion USD.

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