Ledger Preps for ICON (ICX) Support, Devs Release Official Schedule for Token Swap

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Premier cryptocurrency hardware storage solution Ledger have added development of ICON (ICX) support to their roadmap ahead, while the official team has released the specific timeline for their token swap, commencing this week.

Currently, most ICX tokens in circulation are actually ERC20 tokens – powered by the Ethereum smart contract platform. Investors have been nervously awaiting the official token swap following the launch of the ICON mainnet in January.

While the release of the official ICON wallet did occur without problem, there is currently no suitable cold storage solution for those looking to hold on to their ICX tokens post-swap. The development update on the official Ledger Trello is surefire relief that users will soon enjoy a supported cold wallet come time to move their freshly minted, fully-fledged ICX tokens off-exchange.

The development team have also released an official schedule for the swap, beginning June 20. Three major exchanges will be supporting it, Binance, Upbit and Bithumb. Users are also able to download the ICONex wallet and initiate the token swap themselves.

Users looking to have their tokens swapped by their chosen exchange must have their tokens deposited by June 20 for Binance and Upbit, with Bithumb conducting theirs the next day.

The exchanges will automatically swap the tokens for users and once it commences, deposits and withdrawals will be suspended until it completes.

Anxiety has been widespread following discovery of a critical bug in the ICX ERC20 smart contract, which allowed for any user to enable and disable token transfers.

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