Bitcoin Gambling Game Lightning Spin Becomes First-Ever LApp to Sell

Roulette wheel in motion with a bright and colorful background

The creator of one of the Bitcoin Lightning Network’s pioneering lightning applications (LApps) has today announced its sale.

The LApp, known as Lightning Spin – a bitcoin gambling game powered by the Lightning Network – was launched roughly nine months ago by Portuguese web developer Rui Gomes.

For many, Lightning Spin represented “one of the first Lightning apps where you could experience instantly settled micro-transactions and withdrawals,” Gomes wrote in a blog post uploaded on Thursday, before further highlighting its novelty:

You could pay 6¢ for a single spin, (1 BTC was around $6,000 back then) and withdraw your winnings in seconds — something that would be impossible with the fiat system and would be increasingly difficult on Bitcoin’s base layer.”

Having reflected further on the growth of Lightning Spin – which coincided with an expansion of the entire Lightning Network ecosystem – Gomes shared that, at the time of the sale, the Lightning Spin wheel had been spun a whopping 120,000 times by over 3,300 individuals, getting up there with the popularity of various crypto dice games.

Gomes refrained from identifying the purchaser of Lightning Spin. He assured his fellow lightning enthusiasts via Twitter, however, he “made sure the new owner’s vision [was] similar to [his],” even though it meant “declining a lot of better paying offers” from those wanting “to turn the site into a shitcoin thing.”

As for what’s next for Gomes, he will be dedicating more of his focus to multi-layered bitcoin payment processor provider OpenNode – where he’s worked as lead software engineer for almost a year – as well as side projects he already had running such as his newsletter and Bitcoin Sticker Pack online store.

To be sure, Gomes will not be short of work at OpenNode. Just earlier this week, the bitcoin payments startup announced an ongoing collaboration with no other than Blockstack, the premier decentralized computing protocol for building, developing, and distributing decentralized apps (dApps). Gomes will – on April 9 – co-host a free virtual workshop focussed on the monetization of dApps; the first of many OpenNode- and Blockstack-hosted workshops, hackathons, bounties, and competitions.

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